Every expression found in our wines is cultivated from the talent of our grapes; it is written in our winery and may be read with the passage of time.

We choose French oak of the highest quality for our barrels, because we belief barrels are not mere containers, but veritable production tools.

We seek suppliers capable of bestowing unique nuances on their woods, which will communicate with our wine, maturing and educating it.

We seek staves matured in open air for at least 30 months; we demand responsible forestry practices, because we believe a healthy environment is a liveable environment.

We use different stave thicknesses for each wine, barrel, and producer, because not all wines are the same; because there is a perfect barrel for each wine and because oxygen is not always simply the enemy; because each barrel has a unique style and vocation.

We demand the best, and we want to believe that the future life of our wines begins in the education they received from our barrels; this is why we are uncompromising in our attention to detail.