Wherever it is cultivated, wine has always required two elements to be balanced and completely manifest its spirit; sunlight and the soul of the winemaker. History has taught us that every great wine is the result of the winemaker’s vision.

Íñigo López de la Osa Escribano, heir to this art, has been entrusted the task of bringing out the notes that the Ribera del Duero has generously bestowed on the wine from Bodegas VIRTUS. It is a family affair, with his wife Francesca and his children Íñigo and Victoria at his side; a business grounded in tradition, nurtured by experience and designed on the basis of innovation and research.

A wine producer’s responsibilities are great: an excellent wine can be obtained only with intense rigour and complete consistency; it takes winemaking excellence and state-of-the-art production to convey the designation of origin in the selected vine varieties.

Bodegas VIRTUS’ project is the product of several essential elements: Spanish artisan tradition, French experience and Italian good taste mingle together in each mouthful of wine.

The vineyard is organic in its operation. We select suppliers who ensure environmental sustainability and, whenever possible, use renewable energies to reduce our environmental footprint.

It is our belief that we do not inherit the land from our parents, but receive it as a loan from our children.