Youth is represented in a vigorous palate, with intoxicating fruity notes and a purplish colour.

The grape is carefully selected, with the goal of achieving a clear personality that remains faithful to tradition.

Vinification is subject to strict control, and the wine rests inside French oak barrels.

We respect the traditions of our historic vineyard, and let the grape rest until October, endowing the wine with its full-bodied, silky notes.


Vintage:   2013, 2014, 2015
Size:        50cl.75cl. 1.5l


The vines’ deep roots define a different maturing process for the clusters chosen for Vega del Yuso. The vineyard’s exposure and density make these grapes the best expression of the local Tinta del País.

The grapes’ concentration and maturing power are developed elegantly and delicately during the months where the wine is aged in the French oak barrels.

This wine has a mineral flavour which, added to its fruity fullness, gives a rare balance; each quality serving the other.


Vintage:   2013, 2014, 2015
Size:        50cl. 75cl. 1.5l 3l


The essence of each individual is their soul.

This is the essence of the project undertaken by Bodegas VIRTUS, its best expression and its inspiration.

We wish to produce beauty in the broadest sense, conveyed through balance and described using its own unique expression.

ALMA de VIRTUS is what we wish to communicate to whoever wishes to commit to produce an honest, loyal and present wine, an expressive reference of the history of this magical land.


Vintage:   2014, 2015
Size:        75cl. 1.5l 3l