RSP 21,00€

15% VOL. alc

75 cl.


This wine comes from Virtus’s own vineyards that surround the winery, at Aldeayuso. They were planted by the family more than 30 years ago, and the vineyard is emblematic in theRibera del Duero region, being the first vineyard planted on trellises in Ribera del Duero.

They are located in loamy-sandy textured soil that keeps cool in the lower layers of the subsoil, where the roots find the necessary water to ensure that the grape ripens slowly and progressively. It is possible to postpone the harvesting date to achieve the perfect grape.

The vines are cared for according to respectful environmental criteria, mainly based on manual work, where green pruning is fundamental to direct the future harvest, leaf removal at the start of the Summer allows the sun’s rays to shine on the grapes and, finally, during the thinning process, only the clusters more suitable for harvesting are left on the vine.

21,00  IVA Incluido


Variety: 100% tempranillo grape, from vines that are more than 30 years old. Sustainable viticulture.

Location: Aldeyuso, own vineyard surrounding the winery, at an altitude of 750 m.

Soil: Loamy, sandy texture.


Harvested by hand in 18 kg crates.
Manual selection at triage desk, and subsequent grape-by-grape selection after destalking.

Alcoholic fermentation: plot by plot vinification, in small stainless-steel tanks.
Maceration with very gentle remontage.


Between 12 and 14 months in fine-grade French oak barrels.


Designation of origin: Ribera del Duero.
Classification: Crianza.
Alcoholic content: 15% Vol.
Total acidity: 5,42 pH: 3,72
Production: 27,762 75 cl bottles and 575 150 cl bottles

Pago de la Fuentecilla, s/n
47313, (Aldeyuso) Peñafiel
Valladolid, Spain

T +34 983878080

Pago de la Fuentecilla, s/n
47313, (Aldeayuso) Peñafiel,
Valladolid, Spain

T +34 983878080

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