We often say that we do not inherit the land from our parents, but receive it on loan from our children.

We own vineyards surrounding the Winery, and centenary vines at Sotillo de la Ribera, Hontoria de Valdearados, Villalvaro, Moradilla de Roa and La Horra, all of them at altitudes greater than 750 m above sea level.
In certain plots, Virtus is already being worked organically, with the greatest respect for the environment. 

Viñedos Bodegas
The grape

Our grapes are the result of constant hard work in the vines themselves. Our red wines come 100% from the Tempranillo variety. Our white wine at Virtus comes from Albillo Mayor grapes, taken from centenary vines high above sea-level


They are single-variety wines, with distinct character and superb alcoholic content, colour and acidity, which exude quality and exclusiveness, allowing the drinker to capture the essence of their origin and careful production. The Albillo grape, on the other hand, is the local white grape variety of the Ribera del Duero region, and the lead character in our white wine Virtus Blanco. It is an intense and complex white grape, with much fruit, a high glycerine content and great elegance, producing wines of great personality.


Our vineyards are cared for following processes that respect the environment, mainly based on manual work, where green pruning is fundamental to direct the future harvest, leaf removal at the start of the Summer allows the sun’s rays to shine on the grapes and, finally, during the thinning process, only the clusters more suitable for harvesting are left on the vine. In making our wines we give priority to respecting the variety and its fruit over the ageing process.
Our philosophy is to work with micro-vinification in each plot, which begins by undertaking differentiated work in each of them.

Nuestros Viñedos en Bodegas Virtus Ribera del Duero

Pago de la Fuentecilla, s/n
47313, (Aldeyuso) Peñafiel
Valladolid, Spain

T +34 983878080

Pago de la Fuentecilla, s/n
47313, (Aldeayuso) Peñafiel,
Valladolid, Spain

T +34 983878080

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