Innovating is knowing how to keep the best of tradition and take further steps that add to the wine. This is why the winery’s facilities have features that make them ideal for the making, ageing and bottling of the wine. R&D and innovation are part of the script followed at Virtus wineries.

When Paloma Escribano founded her visionary project in the year 1998, it was very clear to her that she wished to make natural, balanced and complex wines, in harmony with the environment.

This philosophy is at the backbone of Virtus.

Elaboración de Vino Ribera del Duero Bodega Virtus
Seleccionamos la mejor uva en Bodegas Virtus

Harvesting is done by hand, selecting the grape from the vine, transporting it immediately to the winery to be cooled before going to a manual selection desk, were only perfect grapes are chosen to become part of our wines. We undertake up to three selections before admitting the grapes into our deposits.


Inside the winery, a set of small 5000-litre tanks, a reference in the Ribera de Duero region, await our musts, in order to perform the individual micro-vinification for each plot.

Fermentación depósitos Bodega Virtus
Depósitos Fermentar vino Bodega Virtus

We have a total stock of 410 French oak barrels. Each of them has been carefully selected, and has a maximum four-year life-cycle. Furthermore, all of them are cleaned, cared for and decanted in the same space, without requiring to be taken out into the open to perform these processes. Therefore, once the barrels enter the space, they do not come out of it until they are discarded. Depending on the type of wine, the ageing process lasts between 12 and 28 months.

Barricas crianza vinos Bodegas Virtus
Barricas de roble francés en Bodegas Virtus

Pago de la Fuentecilla, s/n
47313, (Aldeyuso) Peñafiel
Valladolid, Spain

T +34 983878080

Pago de la Fuentecilla, s/n
47313, (Aldeayuso) Peñafiel,
Valladolid, Spain

T +34 983878080

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